Help Us, Help You!

We greatly appreciate your help

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”



Helping us out financially

In order to meet the ongoing running costs of the centre, we may need to supplement our revenue raising efforts through donations. Please feel free to give whatever you can, however small or often. Every little bit helps and is very greatly appreciated.
We can currently accept donations through PayPal, where you may either donate any one-off amount, or you may choose to make it a more manageable ongoing monthly amount through a recurring subscription. Please feel free to use the PayPal button below which will take you to PayPal’s site. You may either donate using your existing PayPal account or by providing your bank or credit card details. We hope to be able to provide even more options of convenience for being able to donate in the near future. Thank you kindly for your support.


Other ways to help out

There are always a variety of tasks, projects and events that require volunteers to help out. We would very much welcome any support or experience you can offer to help share in the effort and lessen the load!

If you feel you would like to get involved, then in the first instance please feel free to send an enquiry to with an indication of how much time you’re willing to offer, and what type of jobs you may be willing to help us out with, in whatever capacity you can manage.

We hope soon to have our Community page updated to keep you better informed about specific tasks, projects or events for which we may be seeking volunteers to help us out.


Professional skills & resources required

From time to time we have need of various trades and professional services such as architects, builders, joiners, plumbers, electricians, etc. Such work may also require various materials and supplies.

We would ordinarily have to use funds raised to pay for such professional services, though any individuals who may be willing to offer their skills, or businesses who may be willing to provide discounts for charitable causes, would be very greatly appreciated. This would help lessen the load on our community of volunteers, and enable funds raised to be focused instead on boosting our efforts toward achieving our charitable aims.

If you can directly volunteer your skills and services or offer discounts for our not-for-profit charity, then please do get in touch to let us know at with details about what skills, services or discounts you’re willing to offer. For any work carried out we can offer an acknowledgement on our website as a thank you, and to let all of our wider community know about your skills and services and kind charitable contributions.



To all those many individuals who have donated to our cause, whatever the amount, we thank you so much for your support. Our role is simply to spend those funds as wisely as possible back on you by keeping the facilities we all share open and available for all, in turn supporting the local economy in a win-win collaboration.

We occasionally receive notably large donations from local businesses, organisations or individuals, who may recognise the mutual benefits of our efforts. It’s all connected!

We would especially like to acknowledge the following supporters for their very generous contributions so far:

  • The Barrack Charitable Trust – December ’18
  • Keith Builders – September ’18

This special thanks extends to those other generous supporters whom have otherwise either expressed a preference to remain anonymous, or that we haven’t yet gained their permission to provide a mention above (you know who you are!) <3


To the many individuals who give of their time, and share the benefit of their valuable skills and experience, all we can say is a very big Thank You. We really couldn’t do this without you! The volume of tasks may seem overwhelming if left to a few hardy souls, though as they say, many hands can make light work. We of course recognise that many volunteer their time for nothing, often with other demanding jobs and family commitments to contend with, so we very greatly appreciate the extra effort and sacrifices you make on all our behalves, and for inspiring others to follow your shining example. You are all stars!


Whether it be donating prizes for raffles, baking fantastic food to help with our fund raising events, sharing beautiful photos for us to use on our promotional materials, through to offering charitable discounts for building supplies, we thank you very much for your contribution. Anywhere we can save otherwise having to spend charity funds on resources is more money that can be spent on evolving our facilities to better meet the needs of the community. Every little bit can together make a huge difference, so thank you very much again.